Respect The OG: Take a Look Inside Khaligraph Jones’ Elegant Recording Studio and Office (PHOTOS)

Ever since he won the Kenyan Edition of the Channel O Emcee Africa competitions in 2009, Khaligraph Jones has seen a meteoritic rise to the top of Kenya and East Africa’s hip-hop scene.

And as it appears, there is only one direction for the self-proclaimed King of rap – Up. He has now set up a recording studio and office space solely for music making and business.

The studio named Blu ink corps was launched last week. The rapper has, however, not disclosed the location of his new offices but promised to release more details soon.

“Finally done with the studio and Office, a lot of hardships and setbacks along the way But God has always been on our side. More info on the location and how to make Bookings later,” said the Micasa Sucasa rapper.

Here’s an inside look at the elegant and chic studio and office:


Sauti Sol Apologise to Uhuru Kenyatta After Bien’s Rant on Studio Mashinani

Afro-pop boy band Sauti Sol has apologized to president Uhuru Kenyatta a week after band member Bien Aime sensationally claimed that Statehouse stole their ‘Studio Mashinani’ idea.

In his social media rant, Bien Aime Baraza, accused the government of stealing the idea and implementing it a year later with Jamaican artistes Richie Spice, Luciana and Etana.

Bien claimed that the idea was presented to President Uhuru Kenyatta who instructed them to give the proposal to the then Youth Fund chairman Bruce Odhiambo.

On Saturday, however, the group issued an apology to the president after Bien’s statement was “wrongly interpreted by the media”.

“We would like to issue a sincere apology to our President, Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta, for a statement which led to his goodwill and intention being wrong interpreted by the media. Again, we would like to reiterate Bien’s statement that he (Uhuru) had no hand in this as deals with millions of national issues and it is something he probably delegated.

“He was gracious enough to give us an audience, listen and support our proposal. It was not Bien’s intention to otherwise negate his kindness and are ready to issue this apology in person,” said Sauti Sol in a statement.

The Sh80 million “Studio Mashinani” project was launched by Ministry of Information and Technology CS Joe Mucheru over a week ago in Machakos County.

Mr Mucheru denied claims the concept was stolen from the music group, saying although Sauti Sol presented the proposal to former Youth Fund Enterprise Development Chair Bruce Odhiambo, it was never discussed in government circles.

“It is therefore not absolutely right to lay claim to the idea because Mr Odhiambo did not bring the document to the table for government discussion and possible implementation,” he said.

The CS said he was aware of complaints lodged by the group but said it was a coincidence that the band had a similar project.

”We are in discussion with them to sort the matter,” he said.

Beef Back On? Willy Paul Fires Subliminal Shot at Bahati After Hitting Studio with DJ Creme de la Creme

It appears there is still no love lost between gospel hit makers Willy Paul and Bahati. This is after the ever controversial Willy Paul appeared to fire a subliminal shot at his long-standing ‘rival’ on social media.

The long-standing ‘beef’ between the two acts may be on again. This is after the ever controversial Willy Paul appeared to fire a subliminal shot at his long-standing ‘rival’ on social media.

Willy Paul fired the shot on Monday in the comments section of an Instagram post by Dj Creme de la Creme. The two are currently working on a project which is yet to be disclosed.

Commenting on a picture of the two in studio, Willy Paul wrote: ‘Watalia Hawa Watu wa Kulialia.”

The comment has been seen by social media users as a reference to Bahati who has an unwanted reputation for being a crybaby.

Make of it what you will!

Did You Know: Calvin Klein, Levi’s, Tommy Hilfiger and Victoria’s Secret Clothing are Manufactured in Nairobi?

I bet you had no idea that Nairobi is a manufacturing hub of some of the world’s best known clothing brands.

We often claim that Kenya’s textile industry has progressively been killed off by mitumba, which is true to some extent. However, government policy has led to the development of a whole new textile industry based at the Export Processing Zone (EPZ).

It so happens that probably Kenya’s biggest employer is based out of EPZ Athi River. You may not have heard of United Aryan (EPZ) Ltd, but this company employs more than 10,000 Kenyans. It is the largest apparel manufacturer in the country.

United Aryan has been subcontracted by some of the world’s leading brands to produce clothes for the global market. Levi’s andWrangler are its biggest clients.

Then there is Hela Intimates EPZ Ltd. It was opened 6 months ago and is already employing 3000 Kenyans. Hela has an even more impressive client list than Aryan.

Among the innerwear brands it is making right here in Nairobi are: Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger & Victoria’s​ Secret.

Industrialization Cabinet Secretary Adan Mohamed paid them a visit last week.

These clothing items cost next to nothing to manufacture, yet when they get to the American or European market, you’ll be lucky to buy any of them for less than $50.

EPZ companies like these are good for employment, but basically pay almost no tax.

Until now, it’s a mystery why the government has never allowed them to sell their products in the country. Perhaps we would have dealt with the mitumba problem once and for all.

The government has now announced that up to 20% of their products will be sold locally. “We have taken a position that up to 20 per cent of goods and apparels manufactured by our EPZ companies can be accessed by Kenyans at affordable prices but for the same quality exported to other countries like the US,” CS Adan Mohamed said.

To start it off, there will be a ‘super sale’ this week, from Wednesday 29 to Friday 31 at the KICC.

Brand new wear will be sold for between Sh100 and Sh600. While this is definitely good for the consumer, I’m sure there’ll be a lot of noise from other sellers who do not enjoy the same tax-free advantage.

Meet the man who was dating Bahati’s 29 year old girlfriend

Meet the man who was dating Bahati's 29 year old girlfriend

Bahati’s prayer partner, Diana Marua, has been getting a lot of attention on blogs lately and seems that this is not about to end. Photos of her ex boyfriend are now making rounds on social media and since she likes to be with popular people her life will never have the privacy she might now be craving for.

So apparently she dated dated, Nick Mudimba who is a former KTN sports anchor but is now working as the head newscaster at Bamba Sports. The are said to have dated for 4 years from 2012-2015 before they split hoping to meet better partners.

Before she met Bahati word has it that she dated another guy, Eric, who works for Safaricom but is not as popular as her ex and current but trust me, she does know how to pick her men.

Anyway, though Bahati continues to insist that the lady is just a prayer partner, the fact they live together in apartment in Ruaka we might as well conclude that the two are more than just ‘friends’ from church.

Despite her age, bahati and his lady look adorable together and the fact that she has more experience (work wise and other things) we have no doubt that 23 year old Bahati will not be letting her out of his sight anytime soon.

Below are a few photos of her ex…

“Stop using A list artists as opening acts for B list ‘Intl’ artists!” Victoria Kimani demands Kenyan Art to be appreciated

March 23, 2017

"Stop using A list artists as opening acts for B list 'Intl' artists!" Victoria Kimani demands Kenyan Art to be appreciatedVictoria Kimani has finally addressed an issue that has been eating many Kenyan artists for years now. Most of them have had to struggle with being given petty money to perform as opening acts for foreign artists especially Nigerians.

This issue has made many artists give up on their careers as they feel unappreciated by their own country which never gives them a chance to prove what they are really made of. In a detailed post, Victoria Kimani started off by saying…

Riding around Nairobi, seeing billboards on top of billboards of these shows, why are none of us headlining? Why does it have to be this way… year after year after year…. we constantly place every other country, city, town above our own, Not every artist has the opportunities That A few of us have to leave Kenya and be seen on stages with that wide Africa reach, what the hell would I do if I didn’t have those opportunities,,,, I’d sit here and either throw my own concert (coming soon) …. or wait to be some so called’ opening act for less than ksh200K … while we watch them make $50,000 – $100,000 right in our face!

The singer went on to add that countries like Tanzania and Uganda appreciate their own artists and this is why they are becoming better than us, which is true. It is unfortunate that our own artists have to be treated like they don’t matter and when they make it everyone pretends to show much they are pretending.

Why can’t we learn from Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa and many more and be as excited to see ourselves as we are others?! And then get mad and wanna call me Nigerian because I am blessed to be booked there from time to time…: wow guys…. This self hate we got has to change pretty soon or we will keep loosing gems like Lupita who many of you literally chased away, then get mad if she acts brand new on you when she’s back home 😂 mannn all I’m saying is book us now before you can no longer afford us. Brands too…. use your local faces ! GIVE THE YOUTH A CHANCE…. don’t chase our Artistic dreams away!!…. you guys are sleeping on PICASSO AND MOZART ARE YOU STUPID!? 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪 #ForgiveMe #IamAnArtist #ImPassionateAboutMyShit #FreeKenyanArt #PayKenyanArt … so I and many others don’t have to keep leaving our HOME to make a normal living as an artiste

We have a long way to go if such mistakes will be rectified in order for our artists to feel they matter and what they do is appreciated.

“Beating is my medicine, if bae doesn’t beat me in a day, then I won’t stop being nervous” Bootylicious lady shocks many as she reveals beating makes her relationship grow stronger

lopex morrissa escandell

Just what exactly makes a relationship tickle?

It is the chemistry, the sex, the money (like in many Kenyan relationships) or is it the mutual respect?

Probably Chris Hart is in a better position to answer this but all I know the answer is relative. People describe to different narratives but this one by one lopex morrissa escandell has totally thrown me off balance.

I bet it will baffle you as well because come on, who wants to be beaten in their relationship and every single day for that matter?

I guess only lopex morrissa escandell…actually if her bae doesn’t rein blows and kicks on her…then she will be nervous throughout the day. So she prefers it happens every day as according to her, it makes the relationship grow stronger.

Now what madness is this?

This is the post she made on Facebook that has blown up the internet:

lopex morrissa escandell

Vera Sidika takes a swipe at Huddah after she goes to Miami for surgery and in the process reveals how she hates her body(VIDEO)

Vera Sidika takes a swipe at Huddah after she goes to Miami for surgery and in the process reveals how she hates her body(VIDEO)

Huddah is currently in Miami for vacay and for surgery…not pretty sure which part of her body she intends to fix this time but yes….

Her nemesis Vera Sidika if course is happy about this…she might come back with a brand new pair of knockers and this might shift the attention…or at least I presume.

So Vera took to snap chat for the better part of yesterday and started dissing Miami as a hub for plastic surgery. Apparently it’s cheap and doesn’t have qualified doctors to carry out operations. And she had done her research pulling up a number of stories written by various blogs like Daily of boob operations gone wrong. She advocated that people go to Beverly Hills for such operations. “They might be expensive but the doctors are qualified” she made it clear.

Vera Sidika

Huddah in operation clothes

And when this was not working, she switched up the direction of the conversation and started talking about her boobs and how they were not working for her. And it was so bad that she was contemplating going back to the same doctor to have them reduced. She got into full counselor mode and advised young girls to love themselves and not led social media mislead them *can you actually believe this?*

Apparently they should embrace their bodies..attractive or not….small bottom or big one. And speaking of big bottoms, she also didn’t like it very much and she’s working hard in the gym to reduce it. 5 days a week just to be specific claiming contraceptives led to her possessing such a huge bum in the first place.

This woman though, she’s just something else!

Check out the whole thread as captured by Mpasho:


President Uhuru: My children Jaba, Jomo and Ngina Kenyatta moved out of family home

President Uhuru: My children Jaba, Jomo and Ngina Kenyatta moved out of family home

President Uhuru Kenyatta and First Lady Margaret Kenyatta have once again found themselves living alone as their children moved out of the family home.

In an interview with Citizen TV’s Lulu Hassan and Kanze Dena, president Uhuru disclosed that his children had moved out of the family house.

President Uhuru Kenyatta with Lulu Hassan and Kanze Dena during an interview at State House

Uhuru told Lulu and Kanze Dena that he spends most of his evenings with the First Lady since their children were living on their own after moving out of the family home.

The head of state has three children namely; Jomo Kenyatta, Jaba Kenyatta and Ngina Kenyatta. His eldest son Jaba married Achola Ngobi in a traditional wedding ceremony that was the talk of the nation sometimes last year.

Left to right: Jaba, Ngina, Margaret Kenyatta, Uhuru Kenyatta and Jomo Kenyatta

Jaba and Ngina have also become adults, the two are also forging ahead with life on their own without remaining in their parent’s house.

Here is the main reason why Darassa did not perform in Kenya as planned and yes…the organizers had everything to do with it!


We are getting tired of hearing Darassa will be performing in Kenya, then he never shows up. Who should be blamed… Darassa or the event organizers?

This past weekend March 18, Tanzanian sensation Darassa was set to perform at the KICC but unfortunately this never happened. Darassa who is currently in the country to promote his music had the chance to open up about why he did not perform as expected yet tickets had been bought.

Speaking to Willy M Tuva on Mambo Mseto, Darassa revealed that he had agreed to perform in Kenya but just like any other big artist he had his conditions which were not met.

His management had asked the Kenyan organizers to pay him first before they put up posters to advertise the show but as usual they did the opposite.Flyers and banners advertising his show were making rounds on social media a few days to the day he was to perform at the KICC.

However, when the day came fans were left stranded with no plan B, as the venue was hosting Richie Spice.

Anyway, when Willy M Tuva called up the organizers to hear their side of the story and Martin (one of the organizers) was quick to say that the show did not take place due to the limited time and that the venue (KICC) was actually over booked making it hard for the Tanzanian singer to perform.

Fans on the other hand are getting exhausted from the fake promises of having Darassa perform his hitsong Muziki months after it was released. How long will they have to wait for this particular artist?