New Artist in Town – Viviana Odi

@vivianaodiofficial , a powerhouse mellow voiced African-Urban  singer/songwriter. A former best karaoke singer in Nairobi (Kenya) region, A 2016 KTCA  award winner for her Single “Yamenijaa”. A motivational speaker and Host. Odi is currently working on her next project “Let Go” under @jumbosoundrecz with their producer Denzel. A tough soul and God fearing, she’s determined to create a niche for herself in her musical career and, more so, leave a legacy. She’s inspired by life’s positivity / realities and doesn’t stop at anything to put it into her art. Viviana loves her African roots and always tries her best to make it present in her instruments (music) & even dressing. Admits the challenges as a female music artist, she’s on to hard work believing in one step at a time progress…….With so much talent and creativity in this Lady, she’s one to look out for…

Check out her last song Yamenijaa below. 


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