“You need to Let go”, says Viviana

Some pains are hard to bear, they break you, bring you down, test your faith and make you bitter. Frustrations lead you to jealousy unknowingly; once you loose it, bad mind energy sets in and with that, your blessings fly away from you. Let’s humble down and let go off that burden it’s too much of unworthy weight on our shoulders…Gather courage, let go,dust off and rise…
“LET GO” now out and available on YouTube. 


Brand New Artist: Sheenah

Meet Pauline Wanjiru AKA @sheenahke . Sheenah is the most promising young artist from @jumbosoundrecz . Having ventured in various forms of art including; set book acting, TV and commercial modeling and informal vocal presentations,  Sheenah is ready and set to conquer the Music Industry. 
Her mellow voice coupled with her bubbly personality makes her the most approachable artist of our time. She is a hardworking individual who juggles between work, school and music and has already recorded 3 singles at Jumbosound Records. 

Her brand new single (title withheld) will be out within the month. Watch this space.

New Artist in Town – Viviana Odi

@vivianaodiofficial , a powerhouse mellow voiced African-Urban  singer/songwriter. A former best karaoke singer in Nairobi (Kenya) region, A 2016 KTCA  award winner for her Single “Yamenijaa”. A motivational speaker and Host. Odi is currently working on her next project “Let Go” under @jumbosoundrecz with their producer Denzel. A tough soul and God fearing, she’s determined to create a niche for herself in her musical career and, more so, leave a legacy. She’s inspired by life’s positivity / realities and doesn’t stop at anything to put it into her art. Viviana loves her African roots and always tries her best to make it present in her instruments (music) & even dressing. Admits the challenges as a female music artist, she’s on to hard work believing in one step at a time progress…….With so much talent and creativity in this Lady, she’s one to look out for…

Check out her last song Yamenijaa below.