Here is the main reason why Darassa did not perform in Kenya as planned and yes…the organizers had everything to do with it!


We are getting tired of hearing Darassa will be performing in Kenya, then he never shows up. Who should be blamed… Darassa or the event organizers?

This past weekend March 18, Tanzanian sensation Darassa was set to perform at the KICC but unfortunately this never happened. Darassa who is currently in the country to promote his music had the chance to open up about why he did not perform as expected yet tickets had been bought.

Speaking to Willy M Tuva on Mambo Mseto, Darassa revealed that he had agreed to perform in Kenya but just like any other big artist he had his conditions which were not met.

His management had asked the Kenyan organizers to pay him first before they put up posters to advertise the show but as usual they did the opposite.Flyers and banners advertising his show were making rounds on social media a few days to the day he was to perform at the KICC.

However, when the day came fans were left stranded with no plan B, as the venue was hosting Richie Spice.

Anyway, when Willy M Tuva called up the organizers to hear their side of the story and Martin (one of the organizers) was quick to say that the show did not take place due to the limited time and that the venue (KICC) was actually over booked making it hard for the Tanzanian singer to perform.

Fans on the other hand are getting exhausted from the fake promises of having Darassa perform his hitsong Muziki months after it was released. How long will they have to wait for this particular artist?


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