“Beating is my medicine, if bae doesn’t beat me in a day, then I won’t stop being nervous” Bootylicious lady shocks many as she reveals beating makes her relationship grow stronger

lopex morrissa escandell

Just what exactly makes a relationship tickle?

It is the chemistry, the sex, the money (like in many Kenyan relationships) or is it the mutual respect?

Probably Chris Hart is in a better position to answer this but all I know the answer is relative. People describe to different narratives but this one by one lopex morrissa escandell has totally thrown me off balance.

I bet it will baffle you as well because come on, who wants to be beaten in their relationship and every single day for that matter?

I guess only lopex morrissa escandell…actually if her bae doesn’t rein blows and kicks on her…then she will be nervous throughout the day. So she prefers it happens every day as according to her, it makes the relationship grow stronger.

Now what madness is this?

This is the post she made on Facebook that has blown up the internet:

lopex morrissa escandell


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