Gospel singer Bahati makes SHOCKING claim about Willy Paul (video)

– Gospel sensation Bahati has ruffled feathers of his bitter rival Willy Paul

– Bahati in a video posted online mockingly refers to Willy Paul as his sister

– The two musicians have in the last few years been engaged in an ugly beef over supremacy in the gospel industry

Gospel star Bahati is bound to cause controversy after mocking fellow artiste Willy Paul.

Bahati mocks Willy Paul

Gospel star Bahati.

Bahati recently lit the Internet after posting photos with a pretty model whom he referred to as his prayer partner

In a video interview with Mpasho, Bahati who was with fellow musician Mr.Seed subtly criticised Willy Paul after adding a few token praises on him.

Bahati said he had no problem with Willy Paul copying him as their music had similar beats.

Bahati mocks Willy Paul

Bahati and Willy Paul have renewed their rivalry

Bahati went on to say he was good friends with Willy but shockingly instead of referring him as his brother, Bahati outrageously claimed Willy was his favorite sister. 

After making the outrageous remarks, Bahati and Mr. Seed broke into sarcastic laughter. The jibe on Willy Paul could be symbolic in that the gospel sensation might be thinking Willy Paul is not man enough for him to compete with.

“We are very good friends we are best friends we are very good friends yani he is my favorite sister,” Bahati said.

Bahati mocks Willy Paul

Willy Paul has been referred to as a sister by Bahati  

Bahati and Willy Paul have in the last few years being engaged in a bitter rivalry over supremacy in the gospel music.

The beef between the two artistes was made uglier after their fans joined in and engaged in a bitter war of words online.

Willy Paul has been accused by Bahati fans of copying songs and videos associated with the Mama hit maker.

Watch the video below of Bahati referring to Willy Paul as his sister below (video courtesy of Mpasho)


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