Willy Paul and Alaine say I do.

After days of baiting and teasing users on social media with his new “wife”, Jamaican singer Alaine, gospel singer Willy Paul finally released his latest song titled I do last week. The song has so far garnered more than 300,000 views on YouTube, is trending at number one and the Tiga Wana singer claims he is the first Kenyan artiste to get such hits in a day.  

I Do, a wedding song, has elicited mixed reactions from fans on social media with the usual debate on whether the song is gospel or not.

Naum Trizah wrote; “And now I understand why Jesus wept.”

Kacia Anglin thought “There is absolutely nothing wrong with a song like this being done by a gospel artiste. I’m pretty sure when any Christian man wants to have a nice evening with his wife he doesn’t play ‘Jesus keep me near the cross’. Some of you are just ready to judge…”

“Willy Paul wewe tushakuzoea, endelea tu ivo ivo, ukipata Nicki Minaj pia ufanye collabo na yeye muimbe TWERKuabudu,” Karen Kagendo said while Kentezy commented “Waiting for a comeback from Bahati featuring Akothee or Rihanna.”

Xtian Dela had an encouraging message for him.

“Willy Let’s go international now. I believe you are even bigger than Diamond. Let’s do this. I’ve always and will always be your number one fan. Good stuff,” he said.



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