AYNEK Clothing – The Beauty of African Prints

Original NBO T-shirt by AYNEK Clothing, as modelled by Melina Obare.

AYNEK  clothing, is a US based company started by Melina Obare and Biko Miregwa, originally from Kenya and currently residing in Delaware, USA. They always wanted to make a change in the fashion industry and also get an opportunity to share the Beauty of African fabric prints to the outside  world. Growing up as African children, they always appreciated cultural diversity and looked forward to a future whereby they could advance that culture to various other societies. When they moved to the US, they desired to share  their cultural diversity through fashion with their friends but it was difficult because most of the African designs were not fashionable enough to wear to school at the time. Western civilization could not afford them an opportunity to showcase their original African wear.
A few years  later, they decided to venture into the fashion industry. Together, they established AYNEK Clothing Company in 2015 and diversified their designs to not only meet Africans’ demands,  but also,  everyone else who enjoys wearing  trendy fashion designs  in the modern world.

Original AYNEK Clothing African jumpsuits with pockets; 100% cotton.

At AYNEK, they are now changing how African designs are viewed: All their designs are inspired by authentic African fabrics Made for a fashion-inspired culture. Their driving force is the burning desire to grow the brand in the United States of America, while also making inroads into other parts of the world, by establishing a clothing line that will make available a wide range of designer clothes that will favorably compete with international labels like Ralph Lauren, Aeropostale, Roca wear, The Gap, among others on the global stage.

Authentic AYNEK Clothing African print high low skirt and African print midi skirt with high waist and pockets; 100% cotton.

From the social responsibility aspect, AYNEK is not just a clothing line business venture but also, an avenue for helping unfortunate children in Africa by giving back 5% of every sale. AYNEK also aims at giving the young upcoming designers a chance to showcase their pieces on AYNEK platform and support them in their quest to  achieve their goals.

Original AYNEK Clothing African print dress with high midi slit and pockets; 100% cotton.

At AYNEK clothing you are guaranteed that each of the pieces are made by 100% authentic African fabric.
Follow AYNEK on their social media platforms below:

http://www.aynekclothing.com also found on Etsy under AYNEKshop 




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