Gloria Muliro didn’t just do this… 

I really looooove Gloria Muliro. Her music is soo inspiring and entertaining. My best song so far is “Ndio yako”. That jam is da bomb and I would listen to it day and night and will never get tired of it. And BTW, did she become even hotter after her break up? That’s a topic for a later discussion. 

First things first, again, I’m not so inspired biblically like most of you guys but I always try to pen out my little disappointments on my blog. “…Unabariki unayependa… That’s my line of controversy with Gloria Muliro at the moment. I’m assuming she means that God blesses those he loves, right? That’s outrightly saying that there are some people that God doesn’t like, or better put, “there are some people that God hates” and as such he won’t bless them. Who are these people? And does it mean that the people who aren’t as blessed as she is are the people God hates? The last time I checked, God loves us all. I’m still looking for that Bible verse that Gloria quoted in that song and once I get it I’ll share it with you.

While I’m at it, I just have to go back about a year or so and listen to her song “Matokeo”. She has done everything that God expects her to do and now she is waiting for the results of her hard work. I don’t think God works that way. You don’t put him to test and wait and see what he does… What if he doesn’t answer you at the time you expect him to? What makes you entitled to those results? I believe that guy works in mysterious ways, Gloria and it’s not in order to pester him, he sees you and will answer you when he deems fit. 

Again, I love you  Gloria, you are just a little off when it comes to some of your lyrics. You still remain a gospel music pillar in Kenya. 

I’m out!

Bahama Breeze Factory 

Nairobi, Kenya 


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