The King of Gosh-pel Music

FB_IMG_1466945037319By Vinny Flava

Satan was created a beautiful musical creature (Eze. 28:13). In short, Satan was the biggest music superstar in heaven. Since music was built into his very nature, are we foolish enough to assume that he will not use it to deceive & enslave the church? One of the demonic doctrines the devil has succeded in is imparting in us is that, in order for us to reach the unsaved, we should compromise GOD’s standard of hollines. The best way satan has won this already is by deceiving christians that GOSPEL MUSIC matches SECULAR music and that even a collabo makes it sounds amazing!!! GOSPEL music simply means -music carrying the good news of christ hence promoting hope, love & salvation. SECULAR simply means an indifferent music to a religion and religious considerations hence promoting lust, rebellion, anarchy, drinking and openly promoting the message of Lucifer. ……………………………………………………………… In the world we have only two kingdoms i.e The LIGHT kingdom & The DARK kingdom. The fact that we were all created by one GOD doesn’t necessarilly mean we belong to one kingdom. Even the devil was created by GOD but unfortunately he is the one heading the Dark kingdom which is promoted via securalism. In the bible, the book of Revelation 12:12, the devil understands that he has a very short time left for his existence and his dark kingdom, hence not ready to die alone. He wants you, I  and the church to fall with him, and the best way to achieve this is through music and musicians in the current generation coz of the power they have in controlling the masses..!!!!

Anytime the devil wants to conqure the truth he wil always use tricks and funny doctrines. When he wanted to trap Adam, he used Eve so as to make Adam fall, Gen 3:1. The same way he destroyed the Garden of Eden is the same way he wants to destroy the church.

Have you ever asked yourself why Gospel music in Kenya, in recent years has a been dominating? And do you know that soon the true gospel of christ will be hard to find in our so called ‘gospel hit songs’? The bible in the book of Amos 8:12, states clearly that, time is coming when we will try to find the word bt it will all be in vain.

Haven’t you heard or seen some ‘gospel’ artists avoiding the name of JESUS in their lyrics so as to make their songs sound secular to fit the world? ( I once was a culprit of this satanic thinking). Haven’t you heard of innocent ‘fans’ claiming to die for their favourite musicians even when they contradict the bible? Do you think its the fans or musicians winning? Hell No!!! It’s the devil himself WINNING!!!


1)The word JESUS is a cliche’ so not fit to be used for a song to be a hit song.

2) SECULAR- GOSPEL collabos are NOT evil.

3) Gospel music is about anythng in our society and traditions,including praising the dead….!!!!! Again look at who is winning here— DEVIL the Lucifer!!!!!

We cant promote two kingdoms at the same time!!!! When we mix light & darkness, we promote the kingdom of DARKNESS in and out of the Church……………. Jesus came for those who were lost so as to save them out of the dark kingdom and not to help them embrace the dark Kingdom.

For once, Gospel Musicians in Kenya, let’s listen to GOD. When the word says YES its a yes! when its says NO then its a no! Satan is really keen to use us to penetrate into the Church and bring in confusion to the young in faith………..

And to the ‘fans’ STOP worshipping us artists, we dont have any heaven to take you to,only JESUS has!!!!! let his glory, praises and adoration remain his at all cost!!!!! ………………………..

NB; Again this is an awakening call to the gospel fraternity in KENYA. The devil is at work and so we should be awake and pray not to fall to his last days tactics. SATAN at all cost will fight this kind of gospelic truth but that is the truth as led by the holy spirit.!!!! Only those who are sensitive in spirit will understand….!!!!!! ……….. …………. …… Follow Vinny Flava:

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