What da hell Jimmy Gait?????

InShot_20160623_121947Look, I’m not as religious as Jimmy Gait Tries to show us he is, and as such I’m excused for doing crazy stuff. I can literary wear my underwear on my head and walk around with no much worries.

But for Jimmy Gait, his madness is now really tops. We all thought that by him doing “hello” cover gospel was his lowest??? Hell no! Last Wednesday we shared a snapshot of an upcoming artist – Richboy making fun of how shallow our gospel artists are nowadays. He said, “it’s only a matter of time before a Kenyan gospel artist releases a song – sponsor ni yesu, nashuku itakuwa Jimmy Gait”.

I guess Jimmy Gait got wind of that coz on Friday, Jimmy Gait had a song “Yesu ndiye sponsor”. Really buddy? You couldn’t let that online limelight pass you? This guy has hit the lowest of the lowest quadrant in the industry and now is trying as hard as he can to stay relevant in the industry, and his stunt is working, the song has hit more than 10k views on YouTube. Honestly, most upcoming artists will die for such views in such a short period of time but I feel like gospel ministry is completely devoid of online stardom and YouTube views.

So Jimmy Gait, get back to the studio and do something constructive or give way for more reasonable artists to come in the industry. Man, you suck!!!

I won’t even waste my time sharing that sponsor crap here. I’d rather share Richboy song. Go Richboy.


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