The gospel industry according to Vinny Flava

FB_IMG_1466945037319Vinny Flava laments,  “KENYANS kindly let’s pray for us GOSPEL ARTISTS…I must admit satan is at work!!! Look»» Now Gospel artists having collabos with secular world isnt a big deal…all in the name of taking gospel to the world, we forget that it takes grace & God’s will for gospel to get to nations…NOT us and our funny collabos…

Now the gospel of christ is being diluted even to suit the world. I’m afraid that soon we wil start even having some ‘gospel’ videos just like the jamaican’s sexual videos… SAD..!!! No one is talking about this…!!! The church is so silent on this, the so called ‘fans’ are so happy celebrating that their favorite artists are stars…..SAD..!!!!! **signs of last days???……..But i bless the name of the lord bcoz we still have the remnants of Gospel songs…

Kindly hav a listen to some of these artists…So inspiring & blessing to the heart,soul & mind»»» KAMA KAWA @Godson Jawabu » HATACHELEWA @Mashmwana »»VANITY @d.Owen »»MWEMA @Mercy masika »»CHAGUA MOJA @Mr.t Kenya.»»TENDA WEMA @Ringtone..»»AFADHALI YESU @size 8 »»NDIO YAKO @Gloria…#LET GOSPEL BE GOSPEL ,LET SECULAR BE SECULAR….!!!! IF For real we will dillute the gospel of christ then it wasnt worthy.

Jesus dying on the cross……and for real if it wasnt worthy it basi sisi wote tungekua heaven saizi…!!!! Let’s not mislead the mass in tha name of being “Superstars”….JESUS is the only superstar..he has been a superstar since the beginning of the world….#TAKE GOSPEL TO THE WORLD bt NOT WORLD TO THE GOSPEL…..”

That’s all. From The Bahama Breeze Factory desk, Kenyan gospel is dead from the neck up. Deejays and presenters are just cartels and artists’ priorities are just misplaced. Better listen to secular, those guys are real! Our work here is done.

Bahama Breeze Factory

Nairobi, Kenya


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