In his own words – Bro Biih

IMG-20160613-WA0003 Hip Hop and spoken word artist Bro Biih started his music career back in 2007. In his stage name-Bro Biih, Bro is derived from the brotherhood message in proverbs 17:17 whereas Biih is the short form of his official names Bonifas – Kihiu. He is the firstborn in a family of three. Unfortunately his parents passed on years ago leaving him to fend for his two sisters.

Going by his work, Bro Biih has been in the industry long enough. In his musical journey, he has managed to record two complete songs with videos and two lyric videos on youtube. His latest song “Three nails” recorded at Jumbosound Recordz is all about FREEDOM. “Three Nails is a very deep song composed from my own life experiences from childhood to the current situations and probably the future.” He says, “It touches on various issues in regards to human lawlessness, desire and the struggle to do right with no much output because of both internal and external forces that work against us.”
“With that in mind we are all left helpless and as slaves to our own imperfections until we can find and fully depend on the right source of our strength and freedom to perfection – the sacrifice on the cross thus ‘Three nails.” The video has been done by Cream Vision and was released in May, 2016. He has has other recorded audio songs done between 2007 and 2013 but due to their compromised quality, he has chosen to ignore them and concentrate on new high quality projects.


He has performed at various arenas throughout the country. His most memorable being performing at Uhuru park during peace concert back in 2013.

Bro Biih also doubles up as a dual sales and marketing executive for sister companies – Powermax electrical merchants limited – a leading electrical supply company in East Africa and Slumbernight linen and accessories.

In his own words, he affirms that, “Music is my passion, my dream, my goal, a calling and a platform on which I can express myself freely leaving me with no other option other than to follow it and fulfill my desire.”

Besides sales and music, he also has a great passion in photography and video editing which he hopes to be venturing in very soon, as a complement to his music.


Talking to him, you can easily tell that he loves Kenyan music very much and looks up to music icons such as Rufftone, Chris Erroh, and other Kenyan music powerhouses.  His long term aspiration is to become an international hip-hop gospel artist, minister, performer and a celebrated spoken word artist. “I highly believe in hard work and God’s favor.” Says Bro Biih who is also very appreciative of the platforms accorded to artists throughout the country.

Follow Bro on social media:

Facebook: Bro Biih Muziq & Trinity Love Photo Gallery

Instagram: @bro.biih

Twitter: @brobiih

Bahama Breeze Factory

Nairobi, Kenya


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