Happy Birthday – Laura Karwirwa

IMG_20160612_095947_293“Guess who is turning 20 this Midnight..Yaani I Just Can’t Believe it. I stumbled upon this on facebook. See the importance of facebook? You get to know stuff. This Most Awesome And Cute Gospel Songbird Laura Karwirwa Has Grown A Year Older…So Juu Ya Hio Story Rwirwaaaaaa Maji Baridi Na Chafu Lazima…This Round You Cant Escape…but M-pesas ,Gifts Kwa Wingi pia. Lol.” We stole that from Gaelle Skeight Muziq, and that was yesternight, so the day is really today.

2015 has been worthwhile for the singing sensation Laura Karwirwa, this was after she made her official debut with the single Natamani Nikuone. From the music video that was well crafted during its making, Laura’s singing prowess is showcased to the fullest. The blend of a well mastered audio by Still Alive and a well directed and edited cut from True D Pictures brings forth excellence when it comes to the final product. No wonder the song was well received and became the most requested song by music lovers all over the country. On shows like Crossover 101, KTN’s Tukuza and on radio shows like Q Fm Tambira the song did good on their countdown list.

Not only is Laura a top notch singer with an amazing voice, but she also runs a blog that showcases her impeccable writing skills. Such a skill conveys an informative and on point info as seen in her posts. You can check out Laura’s Blog via the following link:http://karwirwalaura.blogspot.co.ke/

In  December, Laura released her second single, Mtetezi which is also doing rounds on TV and radio stations across the country. Amazingly enough, Laura got nominated for new artist of the year category for the just concluded Groove awards. The Award went to Mash Mwana but anyone who has been in the industry long enough will agree with me that she is destined for success.

From us at Bahama Breeze Factory, we wish you, Laura a Happy Birthday. We just would love to crash your party, we just don’t have a clue where the location is. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA!


You can follow Laura via: http://www.facebook.com/Karwirwa-Laura-1557868597808765/?fref=ts



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