Man on Fire – Roy Captain


Roy Captain whose real names are Roy John Olima is an afro fusion artist. He began his music career in the year 2006 when he joined Onyi Papajey’s super kolleko band as a pianist and a music arranger.

He did great several performances with the band upto the year 2008, then left the band and started his solo career.

After recording his first reggae debut album titled Seasons of lifetime, he realized that he couldn’t make it on his own and formed his own band namely the Super squad band international in the year 2009.

After that he recorded his first afro fusion album titled Mapenzi Bila Pesa which was recieved very well by the East Africa’s audience.

Unfortunately, tragedy hit him when his mother who was his pillar passed on in the year 2010. This left him devastated and pushed him backwards. He then overcame the setback and recorded another album titled Mateso Bila Chuki which majorly highlighted his own struggle in the industry as an orphan.

His band, the Super Squad International’s hard work earned them a government recognition certificate which he received on their behalf in the year 2013.

The recognition award by the ministry of culture and arts cemented his long journey to stardom, thereby providing him with a national media coverage.

In the year 2014, his band was nominated to perform at the then first ever Luo festivals 2014 edition which was held in Nairobi city at the carnivore gardens.

That was another great stride for him which culminated into a national newspaper profile where Roy Captain was featured as one of the best performing artistes in Kenya.

He then recorded his third album towards the end of 2014, titled Dunia Ina Mambo. In this album, he decided to highlight the world’s challenges, and it performed fairly well in the Kenyan music market.

His band has since released another 2016 album titled Terry Nyar Ng’iya with the hit single Proud Terriesa that is taking both the national and international airwaves by storm. This album has literally put Roy Captain on the international map.

He confesses that this has been his mega turning point in his long journey to stardom. For now henceforth, his motto becomes ALUTA CONTINUA.Watch his latest single Nipende Kwanza attached below.

Bahama Breeze Factory

Nairobi, Kenya



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