Gaby Kamanzi – Beauty, brains and talent


Gaby Irene Kamanzi is a Rwandese female artist, born in The Democratic Republic of Congo on 12th August 1981. She is the fifth child in a family of six children – 3 girls and 3 boys. Her Parents were always very enthusiastic about music. They both participated in the church choir and her late father was a passionate choirmaster. Needless to say, she started to love music at a very tender age. Additionally, her brothers listened to music for the most part of the day especially during the holidays, and consequently  she memorized so many songs that played off the radio. Her favorite musicians were Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston among others.

Her family moved to Rwanda in 1995 and she started to sing actively in 1997 when she gave her life to Jesus Christ and joined the traditional Christian dance band called Singiza. They were often invited to perform at weddings, concerts and other similar events. The then President of the band helped her understand different aspects of music. She had the opportunity of interacting with different individuals from various backgrounds because members of her band were from several churches. Two years later they created a Praise and Worship team at the local church of which she is still a member and from which she has learnt so much.

Some of the challenges that she experienced include being shy and not having the confidence to lead the Praise and Worship team. However, she watched different artists and got inspired mostly by Darlene Zschech’s zeal and confidence in her performances.

Her first experience in the studio was in 1999 when she participated in an album her friend was producing. She helped with chorus, ad-libs and solos. The reaction from the public was very positive. She went on to work with renowned Rwandese Gospel singers like Aime Uwimana (2002), Amani Stephane (2003), Richard Ngendahayo (2005), Aline Gahongahire (2008), Ezra Kwizera (2009), Willy Uwizeye from Burundi (2004) and other different choirs.

In 2003 she released her first song “Sauveur” in Amani Stephanes album “Azasohora”. Her first single “Amahoro” was released in 2009 followed by the video that was produced in 2010 while she was working on her first album “Ungirira neza” in the studio. Her second video “Wowe muremyi” was produced in 2012 and the album was released later that year. She presented her album in March and November 2013 in Kigali and Burundi respectively.

Since then she has received several awards including:
1. Outstanding Achievement-Gospel Diva DIVA AWARDS September 2013
2. Best Female Gospel artist GROOVE AWARDS RWANDA, October 2013
3. Best Gospel artist SALAX AWARDS RWANDA, March 2014
4. Eastern and Central African Artist of the year AFRICA GOSPEL MUSIC AWARDS, London-August 2014
5. Best Female Gospel artist GROOVE AWARDS RWANDA, December 2014. Additionally, she has also been nominated for the following awards:
1. Artist of the year-Rwanda category at GROOVE AWARDS KENYA, 2011
2. Best East African Gospel artist of the year category at GROOVE AWARDS KENYA, 2013
3. Best East African Gospel artist of the year category at GROOVE AWARDS KENYA, 2014
4. Best East African Gospel artist of the year category at GROOVE AWARDS KENYA, 2015

She has also worked with the following international artists during conferences or crusades:
1. Darlene Zschech AUSTRALIA, Rwanda 2006
2. Nicole C.Mullen USA, Rwanda 2009
3. Ron Kenoly USA, Rwanda 2011
4. Joyce Meyer USA, Rwanda 2008

In  her gospel career, she has always been inspired by Gospel artists such as DARLENE ZSCHECH, CECE WINANS YOLANDA ADAMS and NICOLE C.MULLEN

Currently, she is working on her second album with the first single “Furaha” produced in June 2014 in which she collaborated with renowned Kenyan artist Esther Wahome. She recently released her latest single “Arankunda” whose video was shot and edited in the USA and is quickly making news in the entertainment industry. In her own words, “This album will be dedicated to the East African region”.

Despite the fact that she lost her father when she was 12 years old, she proudly dedicates her music career to him. She is very grateful to her mother who fought and ensured that she got educated and attained her bachelors degree in Marketing in 2008.

“I strongly believe that I will continue to succeed in my music career and also be able to inspire others with similar dreams”,says Gaby as we sign off.

From us to you Gaby, we wish you all the best.

Watch her latest song Arankunda below.

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The Kenyan Gospel Music Cartel

IMG_20160626_161450_034DJ SADIQ

Kenyan music industry was at its best between the year two thousand and the year two thousand and five. Leading recording labels were churning out proper hits one after the other, competition was stiff, healthy and beef was real. Unlike now that artists bash each other on social media on dubious grounds just to get more likes for hating. Back then secular was doing better than what is now called ‘gospel’. Secular artists who would make it to the A-list left the country at the prime of their career, junky promoters and brokers checked in killing the game and opened the market for foreign content. That’s how secular music went down and left for a few cartels that are the producers, the promoters, the artists and at the same time sit on collecting management organization boards (CMOs).

Gospel struggled through tough times and became the best with artists getting shows, Djs and Radio/TV gospel shows playing over 90% local content. It became so lucrative that some secular artists crossed over just to realize the business side of their struggling career or talent but the winds of change are blowing in a bad crop of individuals for the gospel fraternity. Units have been formed by key gospel Deejays and social media big wigs and only play records from artists signed to their units or close to them. One such unit is Dj Mo’s system Unit which has producers and artists such as Hopekid, Bahati, Willy Paul and many more signed to it. Dj Mo formed the unit together with Dj Sadic who later left to form Genius Entertainment; their styles of operations are more or less the same. These units literally control what Kenyans will consume given the fact that they own the major gospel shows.

PhotoGrid_1464071406356Bahati and Willy Paul Msafi

It is reported that rapper Ecko Dydda’s music is now not getting airplay because he lost his friendship with the System Units C.E.O, Dj Mo. Established and upcoming artistes now have to be affiliated to these Units to have their songs played. A trend that is only benefiting their groupies and sycophants. This is killing the game, people need to stick to their day jobs, Dj stick to your ones and twos, artistes stick to singing and performing. These days Djs are the producers, the promoters and the presenters at the same time. Monopoly is bad and dictatorial.

These units have in fact moved to controlling awards. Celebrated Groove Awards which is the biggest gospel music awards in the region meant to fete its players will soon have its good days behind. Djs from the said Units have never missed in any nomination list even when they are not at the top of their game, DJ Mo and Sadic will always be nominated and they are always the key Djs spinning at the ceremony. Their influence does not stop here; these units have a strong base in corporate world too, even in secular functions. Some events have a secular desk and another for gospel desk for Dj Mo

IMG_20160626_161533_799DJ Krowbar

Lack of proper laws in place is blamed on the amazing prevalence of cartels, CMOs (Collecting Management Organizations) MCSK, PRISK and KAMP make another strong ring of cartels. Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) and Performers Rights Society of Kenya (PRISK) have a duty to collect royalties and distribute to its registered members. The organization has for a long time been accused of not paying its members. Celebrated gospel artiste Ringtone once had an issue with MCSK, accusing them of enriching themselves when musicians languish in poverty.

Kenya Association of Music Producers (KAMP) whose role is to collect mechanical rights of production is accused of double pay. Producers charge artistes for production and when the song performs well they still line up to ‘eat’ from the artistes in the name of mechanical rights. Many artistes are in disagreement with this and some producers also claim that this money is collected but it never reaches them. Only a few producers like R Kay rip big from this because they sit on the board or their friends do. Individuals like these are bad for the industry, the same people coming in different names to confuse and steal from the artistes at every stage. Music is a big industry that has the potential of employing many youths but that only be realized if cartels are done away with and sanity brought in.

IMG_20160626_161512_334DJ Mo and his wife Size 8

Brokers steal from unsuspecting artistes. Liberty Afrika for instance is known for exploiting artistes. Celebrated gospel singer Eunice Njeri has come out clean to reveal that she made millions on skiza but cannot receive her returns because Liberty Afrika claims to own her music. It’s clear cartels are killing the gospel music but who of the industry players has the secret to putting the crucial pieces of this puzzle together???


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What da hell Jimmy Gait?????

InShot_20160623_121947Look, I’m not as religious as Jimmy Gait Tries to show us he is, and as such I’m excused for doing crazy stuff. I can literary wear my underwear on my head and walk around with no much worries.

But for Jimmy Gait, his madness is now really tops. We all thought that by him doing “hello” cover gospel was his lowest??? Hell no! Last Wednesday we shared a snapshot of an upcoming artist – Richboy making fun of how shallow our gospel artists are nowadays. He said, “it’s only a matter of time before a Kenyan gospel artist releases a song – sponsor ni yesu, nashuku itakuwa Jimmy Gait”.

I guess Jimmy Gait got wind of that coz on Friday, Jimmy Gait had a song “Yesu ndiye sponsor”. Really buddy? You couldn’t let that online limelight pass you? This guy has hit the lowest of the lowest quadrant in the industry and now is trying as hard as he can to stay relevant in the industry, and his stunt is working, the song has hit more than 10k views on YouTube. Honestly, most upcoming artists will die for such views in such a short period of time but I feel like gospel ministry is completely devoid of online stardom and YouTube views.

So Jimmy Gait, get back to the studio and do something constructive or give way for more reasonable artists to come in the industry. Man, you suck!!!

I won’t even waste my time sharing that sponsor crap here. I’d rather share Richboy song. Go Richboy.

Clevatittoh – New kid on the block

IMG-20160625-WA0005Titus Muthama Mutungi popularly known as Clevatittoh, or just “Tito” is a kenyan gospel artist aged 21 hailing from Kibwezi, Makueni county. Clevatittoh is a creative, industrious and God fearing young man with a vision to transform the Kenyan gospel industry. Apart from music, Clevatittoh is also a second year student at a public university pursuing his first degree in information technology.

Clevatittoh has managed to record his first song – usiniache with Jumbosound records, a top notch recording label based in Komarock, Nairobi. He is currently working on his second song which, hopefully will be officially released anytime soon. While still in his early 20s, Tito has been able to curve a niche for himself in the fiercely competitive gospel industry. His song – Usiniache is currently diffusing in the airwaves as it is quite catchy and the message is on point. He says, “My calling to the gospel industry came as a result of the mentorship I have received from various people and organizations that I associate myself with like The African brotherhood church, my school and above all, my mother, who has played a pivotal role in shaping me to be who I really am”.

Titus is also a very multi-talented guy. He has a passion for playing the guitar, drum sets and is a composer, having written songs for a number of big gospel artists out of creativity and spiritual guidance.

This guy is da bomb and is focused on success, this is the guy to watch for in 2016.

Watch Usiniache by Clevatittoh below.

The gospel industry according to Vinny Flava

FB_IMG_1466945037319Vinny Flava laments,  “KENYANS kindly let’s pray for us GOSPEL ARTISTS…I must admit satan is at work!!! Look»» Now Gospel artists having collabos with secular world isnt a big deal…all in the name of taking gospel to the world, we forget that it takes grace & God’s will for gospel to get to nations…NOT us and our funny collabos…

Now the gospel of christ is being diluted even to suit the world. I’m afraid that soon we wil start even having some ‘gospel’ videos just like the jamaican’s sexual videos… SAD..!!! No one is talking about this…!!! The church is so silent on this, the so called ‘fans’ are so happy celebrating that their favorite artists are stars…..SAD..!!!!! **signs of last days???……..But i bless the name of the lord bcoz we still have the remnants of Gospel songs…

Kindly hav a listen to some of these artists…So inspiring & blessing to the heart,soul & mind»»» KAMA KAWA @Godson Jawabu » HATACHELEWA @Mashmwana »»VANITY @d.Owen »»MWEMA @Mercy masika »»CHAGUA MOJA @Mr.t Kenya.»»TENDA WEMA @Ringtone..»»AFADHALI YESU @size 8 »»NDIO YAKO @Gloria…#LET GOSPEL BE GOSPEL ,LET SECULAR BE SECULAR….!!!! IF For real we will dillute the gospel of christ then it wasnt worthy.

Jesus dying on the cross……and for real if it wasnt worthy it basi sisi wote tungekua heaven saizi…!!!! Let’s not mislead the mass in tha name of being “Superstars”….JESUS is the only superstar..he has been a superstar since the beginning of the world….#TAKE GOSPEL TO THE WORLD bt NOT WORLD TO THE GOSPEL…..”

That’s all. From The Bahama Breeze Factory desk, Kenyan gospel is dead from the neck up. Deejays and presenters are just cartels and artists’ priorities are just misplaced. Better listen to secular, those guys are real! Our work here is done.

Bahama Breeze Factory

Nairobi, Kenya

lyrics to the song Yamenijaa by Viviana Odi

Song: Yamenijaa
Artist: Viviana Odi

Tabasamu langu, limekua too much
Ngozi yangu, is glowing kinda little too much
Nimekuwa kipofu,just a little too much
Jameni navyohisi, i dont really care that much

Sijui kama, nimo ndotoni
And if i’m dreaming, no i don’t wanna wake up
Navyohisi , me sielewi
But then this feeling feels so real ain’t a story made up
Sijui kama mimi mimi nimo ndotoni, and if i’m dreaming, no i don’t wanna wake up

Ni mapenzi ni mapenzi tu…
Yamenija yamenijaa…
Nayahisi oh oh…
Yaniduwaza naduwaa…*2

Napocheka, yuacheka nami
Napolia, yuanifuta chozi
Napokosa, ye yuanikosoa mi

Sijaona pendo kama lake
Jamaa ana heshima zake
mwenye busara maishani mwake
ye yuamfahamu Muumba wake {oh}

Sijui kama mimi mimi nimo ndotoni
And if i’m dreaming, no i don’t wanna wake up Bridge
So now ill say, i do i cherish you
Till now na milele, eh oh me oh my!
Now i’ll say, i do i cherish you
Till now na milele, milele na milele…

Ni mapenzi ni mapenzi tu…
Yamenija yamenijaa…
Nayahisi oh oh…
Yaniduwaza naduwaa…

Written by Viviana Odi


Bahama Breeze Factory

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In his own words – Bro Biih

IMG-20160613-WA0003 Hip Hop and spoken word artist Bro Biih started his music career back in 2007. In his stage name-Bro Biih, Bro is derived from the brotherhood message in proverbs 17:17 whereas Biih is the short form of his official names Bonifas – Kihiu. He is the firstborn in a family of three. Unfortunately his parents passed on years ago leaving him to fend for his two sisters.

Going by his work, Bro Biih has been in the industry long enough. In his musical journey, he has managed to record two complete songs with videos and two lyric videos on youtube. His latest song “Three nails” recorded at Jumbosound Recordz is all about FREEDOM. “Three Nails is a very deep song composed from my own life experiences from childhood to the current situations and probably the future.” He says, “It touches on various issues in regards to human lawlessness, desire and the struggle to do right with no much output because of both internal and external forces that work against us.”
“With that in mind we are all left helpless and as slaves to our own imperfections until we can find and fully depend on the right source of our strength and freedom to perfection – the sacrifice on the cross thus ‘Three nails.” The video has been done by Cream Vision and was released in May, 2016. He has has other recorded audio songs done between 2007 and 2013 but due to their compromised quality, he has chosen to ignore them and concentrate on new high quality projects.


He has performed at various arenas throughout the country. His most memorable being performing at Uhuru park during peace concert back in 2013.

Bro Biih also doubles up as a dual sales and marketing executive for sister companies – Powermax electrical merchants limited – a leading electrical supply company in East Africa and Slumbernight linen and accessories.

In his own words, he affirms that, “Music is my passion, my dream, my goal, a calling and a platform on which I can express myself freely leaving me with no other option other than to follow it and fulfill my desire.”

Besides sales and music, he also has a great passion in photography and video editing which he hopes to be venturing in very soon, as a complement to his music.


Talking to him, you can easily tell that he loves Kenyan music very much and looks up to music icons such as Rufftone, Chris Erroh, and other Kenyan music powerhouses.  His long term aspiration is to become an international hip-hop gospel artist, minister, performer and a celebrated spoken word artist. “I highly believe in hard work and God’s favor.” Says Bro Biih who is also very appreciative of the platforms accorded to artists throughout the country.

Follow Bro on social media:

Facebook: Bro Biih Muziq & Trinity Love Photo Gallery

Instagram: @bro.biih

Twitter: @brobiih

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Sexy, sassy, classy – She got it all


Yvonne Atieno Otiende who goes by her stage name – Yvonne Shanneyz, is a multi-talented Afro-zouk artist, a song writer, a great vocalist and a model. She got into the Music industry in the year 2014 through Roy Captain’s Super Squad Band as a female vocalist… Her vocal prowess earned her a great fan base who would always pay to see her perform live at the band’s concerts.


Upon realising her great vocal potential, she opted to record her first song MAPENZI matamu which was all about LOVE And has been widely appreciated across the board. Releasing that song marked the turning point in her solo career as an Afro-zouk fusion artist. She later recorded four more tracks and compiled her debut album of five tracks titled Nipe Mapenzi Yako scheduled for release soon.


She chose on Love and relationships as the major topics in her songs touching across all generations. She inspires so many people with her touchy lyrics that are also very educative.

The sassy Yvonne asserts that music is her calling and therefore she does it with passion… As to her fans, she only promises more and more hits as she says that the journey has just began… In her own words, “The sky will not be the limit… Heavens will.”

Follow Yvonne on social media.

Facebook: Yvonne Shanneyz

Instagram: @yvonneshanneyz

Watch her new song Mapenzi Matamu below.

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Happy Birthday – Laura Karwirwa

IMG_20160612_095947_293“Guess who is turning 20 this Midnight..Yaani I Just Can’t Believe it. I stumbled upon this on facebook. See the importance of facebook? You get to know stuff. This Most Awesome And Cute Gospel Songbird Laura Karwirwa Has Grown A Year Older…So Juu Ya Hio Story Rwirwaaaaaa Maji Baridi Na Chafu Lazima…This Round You Cant Escape…but M-pesas ,Gifts Kwa Wingi pia. Lol.” We stole that from Gaelle Skeight Muziq, and that was yesternight, so the day is really today.

2015 has been worthwhile for the singing sensation Laura Karwirwa, this was after she made her official debut with the single Natamani Nikuone. From the music video that was well crafted during its making, Laura’s singing prowess is showcased to the fullest. The blend of a well mastered audio by Still Alive and a well directed and edited cut from True D Pictures brings forth excellence when it comes to the final product. No wonder the song was well received and became the most requested song by music lovers all over the country. On shows like Crossover 101, KTN’s Tukuza and on radio shows like Q Fm Tambira the song did good on their countdown list.

Not only is Laura a top notch singer with an amazing voice, but she also runs a blog that showcases her impeccable writing skills. Such a skill conveys an informative and on point info as seen in her posts. You can check out Laura’s Blog via the following link:

In  December, Laura released her second single, Mtetezi which is also doing rounds on TV and radio stations across the country. Amazingly enough, Laura got nominated for new artist of the year category for the just concluded Groove awards. The Award went to Mash Mwana but anyone who has been in the industry long enough will agree with me that she is destined for success.

From us at Bahama Breeze Factory, we wish you, Laura a Happy Birthday. We just would love to crash your party, we just don’t have a clue where the location is. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA!


You can follow Laura via:

Man on Fire – Roy Captain


Roy Captain whose real names are Roy John Olima is an afro fusion artist. He began his music career in the year 2006 when he joined Onyi Papajey’s super kolleko band as a pianist and a music arranger.

He did great several performances with the band upto the year 2008, then left the band and started his solo career.

After recording his first reggae debut album titled Seasons of lifetime, he realized that he couldn’t make it on his own and formed his own band namely the Super squad band international in the year 2009.

After that he recorded his first afro fusion album titled Mapenzi Bila Pesa which was recieved very well by the East Africa’s audience.

Unfortunately, tragedy hit him when his mother who was his pillar passed on in the year 2010. This left him devastated and pushed him backwards. He then overcame the setback and recorded another album titled Mateso Bila Chuki which majorly highlighted his own struggle in the industry as an orphan.

His band, the Super Squad International’s hard work earned them a government recognition certificate which he received on their behalf in the year 2013.

The recognition award by the ministry of culture and arts cemented his long journey to stardom, thereby providing him with a national media coverage.

In the year 2014, his band was nominated to perform at the then first ever Luo festivals 2014 edition which was held in Nairobi city at the carnivore gardens.

That was another great stride for him which culminated into a national newspaper profile where Roy Captain was featured as one of the best performing artistes in Kenya.

He then recorded his third album towards the end of 2014, titled Dunia Ina Mambo. In this album, he decided to highlight the world’s challenges, and it performed fairly well in the Kenyan music market.

His band has since released another 2016 album titled Terry Nyar Ng’iya with the hit single Proud Terriesa that is taking both the national and international airwaves by storm. This album has literally put Roy Captain on the international map.

He confesses that this has been his mega turning point in his long journey to stardom. For now henceforth, his motto becomes ALUTA CONTINUA.Watch his latest single Nipende Kwanza attached below.

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